“During the first few minutes of circle, hearing Berit’s opening invocation I was like “wow, yes, THIS is exactly where I’m supposed to be”. Her circle gave me exactly what I needed in that moment. I usually feel silly dancing in front of people but her openness and the other women’s openness made me feel safe to express myself (p.s. the song choice was so feminine and fun!) I would definitely attend another one of Berit’s circles!”

~ Sierra, Esthetician and Reiki Practitioner

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to sit in circle with Berit. She is such a wonderful and wise woman. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills that always makes me feel loved and safe. Sitting in circle with Berit is truly magical.”

~ Charity Murphy, Life Coach, Women’s Circle Facilitator

“Berit is a like the walking embodiment and essence of the book Women Who Run with the Wolves. Her wise, gentle yet powerful presence and leadership creates such a warm, inviting and welcome space. Whilst being in her circle I felt so seen, accepted and held. If you have an opportunity to be in Berit’s circle or to experience her leadership, I would, from my heart, really recommend this.”

~ Sharlene Belusevic, Health Coach, Cook and Author

“Berit provides a warm, safe and welcoming space in circle. She oozes wisdom, and is loving, compassionate and kind. I always come away feeling calm and grounded, like I’ve been given a giant hug. Stepping into circle with her is always a pleasure.”

~ Emma Massey, Life Coach and Circle Facilitator

“I have been doing different circles for 51 years. I highly recommend Berit as a facilitator ! I met her in Circle Way Camp at Mundekulla in Sweden, and I have participated in her online Woman’s Circles. She is very grounded in herself as a person. I see her as a open, humble and very honest person, and a wise facilitator. She makes it easy for people to look into them selves and to speak from their hearts, because she show’s the way herself. And she also always put the monthly theme of the circle into a bigger context. “

~ Pia Rubærno Fjelkested

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