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Welcome to Animal Totem Circle! “Whale Medicine”

A virtual circle on Sunday April 24 at 11 am-1.30 pm EST (17.00-19.30 CET)

This magnificent mammal possesses awe-inspiring traits, from their protective instincts, intelligence, gentleness, mysterious songs to their ancient wisdom. Whale reminds us of just how wonderful and magical this living Earth truly is. So let’s dive deep together, into the blue mysteries of Whale Medicine.

In this circle we will get to know some of the history of whales, their mythology, what they symbolize, and experience how they can be medicine for our body, mind and spirit.

We can learn so much from the animals on different levels.

On a physical level we learn by observing their movements, habits, how they survive, and what they eat. This has helped people survive throughout the ages.

On a psychological level, we learn about ourselves from myths, legends, and animals as archetypes, a part of our collective unconscious.

Shamanism shows us how we can work on a spiritual level with animals. In the Shamanistic world view, everything has spirit, we are all connected, and there is more to the world than meets the eye. And that we can, often in an altered state of consciousness, have access to other realms beyond the ordinary.

Many Shamanic traditions talk about Medicine Animals, Totem Animals, and Power Animals. Some of these are collective animal spirits that are there for us, perhaps since birth, to support us in this life. Some are animal spirits that we can call upon for a limited period in our lives, or to help us with certain tasks.

In these Animal Totem Circles, we work with a different animal each time, and invite and explore the medicine they offer.

In every circle we will do Shamanic journeying, sharing, movement, journaling, singing, and more. The circle format offers an experience of authentic support, and gives us an opportunity to heal and grow together. It is a place where you can simply be yourself, be seen, heard, accepted, and feel the power of community.

There are no prerequisites. Everyone, of all ages, faiths or spiritual traditions are welcome! The limit is 13 participants.

The cost is $22 per circle (20 Euro, 200 Skr) If money is a problem you can join to a reduced rate, just send me a pm.

Sign up by paying to: paypal.me/beritjaramaestabrook

Berit Jarama Estabrook is a Level 1 Licensed Sistership Circle Facilitator, Warrior Goddess Facilitator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, painter, and a Shamanic Practitioner.

Art: Dahrl Thompson

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