Women’s Circles

“When women gather, magic happens!” ~Tanya Lynn

Why women’s circles? Through the ages women have gather in circles, to share, to listen, create and to pass down knowledge. Circles are our birthright, as natural as all circles appearing as shapes in nature.
As women we have lost so much in being isolated from each other through centuries of patriarchy, and the rise of female leaders is crucial for our future. So in our times authentic sisterhood is needed more than ever, and circle can provide just that. A circle is an  intimate gathering where we speak from our hearts, listen with presence, and relate to each others as mirrors, and as sisters. The circle becomes a container for healing, growth and transformation.  Supporting each other and knowing that when we are seen and heard we can find the answers inside of ourselves.
A circle is a place to practice awareness as the portal to freedom of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. We learn tools for how to let go of limiting beliefs and blocks, and connect to our inner strength, clarity and wisdom. One person does not have all the answers, and being in circle together is a wonderful way of seeing that each unique perspective is valuable and recognize it as a vital piece that enriches the whole. In true sisterhood we mirror each other and celebrate each other’s gifts and victories.

“Circle is the antidote to patriarchy” ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

Who is women’s circles for? It is for everyone identifying as women, of any age, from any culture, and spiritual tradition. No prior experience is needed. Do you want to experience more balance, inner freedom, energy and self-compassion in your life? Do you long for community and authentic sisterhood, then this is for you! 

What happens during a woman’s circle? There is a different theme in every monthly circle, giving us an opportunity to focus on, and dive deeper into a specific aspect of our life experience. All circles include sharing, journaling, visualization, movement, ceremony, and sometimes a creative element. Ceremony is a way to deepen and integrate our insights, and to work with the theme, that bypasses our mind and communicates with our subconscious and with our Spirit.

Virtual Circles After you have register for a circle you’ll receive a separate email with information and a zoom link. Prepare for the virtual circle by creating an undisturbed space for yourself.  Make it feel sacred and comfortable. Plan to log-in early to test audio, video, and make sure your devise is charged. Sometimes it requires a restart to get it going. You can enter the waiting room in Zoom 10 minutes before the circle starts.

Confidentiality What you share in circle is sacred and stays here in absolute privacy. 

Book a Circle If you are already a group of women and would like to experience a circle or want to work on a specific theme, I can create a circle just for you. Take a look at the previous circles below and contact me!

Previous Circles:

“My Body – My Temple” Many women, including myself, have deep wounds around body image, and we often have a complicated relationship to food and to what really nourishes us.In this circle we will invite radical acceptance and love to our bodies, and explore ways to activate inner allies as we heal and find our power. We will connect with our body wisdom to find out what will nourish us on a deep level. This is not a quick fix, but a journey where we can explore together, and in a safe container find healing, power and sisterhood. We will look at some things we have learned from society and patriarchy about what our female bodies should look like, and together we will start unlearning and rewiring.

“Healing the Sister Wound” We women need each other now, more than ever. Yet, in these times, and in this culture, we are often isolated, and feel awkward or insecure in our friendships with other women. Sister wounds show up as comparison, competition, hurt, gossip, dishonesty and dimming of our own light.When we heal the shadow side of our connection with one another, the collective consciousness rises and the world truly becomes a better place. Each of us offers our unique medicine, to each other and to the world. By establishing sisterhood you gain a steady flow of power, support, strength, wisdom, trust, love and stability. Through the ages women around the world have come together in circles to share, to listen and to remember.In circle we can experience authentic sisterhood and heal, grow and celebrate together. It’s a place where you can simply be yourself, be seen, heard, accepted and feel the power of community.

“Awaken Your Inner Medicine Woman” Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to the Amazon, the Andes, Siberia, or some other exotic place to meet a real Medicine Woman? A wise woman who knows where your pains and blockages are, who sees what prevents you from shining, and who can heal you? A healer/curandera, who sees your light and knows that you are whole and complete as you are right now. Who can heal your pains, remove blockages, and help you see your own strengths and show you how to use them. The good news is you don’t have to go to exotic places to find her! The essence of her runs in your ancestral lineage, and it lives inside of you. She is part of You. During this virtual circle we will awaken the archetype “The Medicine Woman” in ourselves. (Painting by Linda Victoria)

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